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Web cross-cutting group
Attendance: ~12
RAQ and AER were represented
ECMWF reported on their current
capability to:
Publish plots and data
 Produce verification and diagnostics
Provided that a finite set of plot
templates can be defined, plots could be
produced and published by ECMWF.
(RAQ and global models?).
Presentation consistency will facilitate
Data server
Frames for boundary conditions will be
available on data server.
RAQ model outputs will also be available
Access control will be required to
protect data.
Verification against analysis can be done quite easily
for all models. It will be produced by ECMWF on a
routine basis.
Verification against observation will also be needed for
RAQ. It would be useful to use a common dataset of
observations to verify both RAQ and global models
(AER?) to use a common reference.
It was also stated that verification against
observations requires significant man-power and this
may not come very soon.
Software from ECMWF
Format conversion software: to BUFR, to GRIB,
from BUFR
Verification software
Plotting software
Web services to provide plotting and
verification of uploaded fields would be very
RAQ subgroup: BUFR software and
documentation access: