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Welcome to BTA3O!
Who is Mr.Kurz?
• Studied Computer
Science at Ottawa
• 6th year teaching in KL
• Enjoy fishing, Hunting
and being outside.
What’s in BTA3O?
Computers For Business
Word Processing
Presentation Software
Spreadsheets and Databases
E-Commerce and Web design
The Main Goal
• Learn to use
computers efficiently
so you have more time
to go fishing!
The Paperless Classroom
• Assignments in through school connect
• Resources and instructions to you via the
• There will be some activities done with
recycled scrap paper so BRING a
Classroom Rules
1. Come to class on time, having eaten a
snack and ready to learn.
2. No Games.
3. Don’t talk about sex, drugs or alcohol
Consequence: Come clean the lab after
• Compulsory Instructional Time
• CIT ≠ Punishment
• It is a scheduled part of the school day
• The spot you choose today is yours for the
• You are held partially responsible for the
state of your machine.
• Let me know right away if something is
Web Site Demo
Your First Job
• Is in the BTA3O section of the website.
Right-Click and select
“Save Target As” Save it
in your Unit0 folder.