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“The Doughnuts”
By Robert McCloskey
Capital Resources: tools, equipment,
and buildings we use to help produce
things machines use in producing a good
or service.
Increasing Productivity: increasing the
amount (output) produced using the
same amount of resources or producing
the same amount with fewer resources.
Supply and Demand: as price
decreases, the quantity demanded
(amount people want to buy) increases.
Goods and Services: A GOOD is an
object people want that they can touch or
hold. A SERVICE is an action that a
person does for someone else. People
usually pay for services.
Consumers and Producers:
CONSUMERS are individuals or households
that purchase and use goods and services.
PRODUCERS make goods or provide
Human Resources: People who work; like
teachers, doctors, truck drivers, and sales
Discuss and Write
What are some labor saving devices do we
have today?
What problems have you experienced with
these machines?
What have you or your family done to repair
these machines or devices? Did it cost
Discuss and Write
What was Homer’s problem?
What other labor saving devices did
Uncle Ulysses have in his lunch room?
Why do you think Uncle Ulysses liked
having all these machines?