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Lesson 2 Assessment
Page 2
The Adventures of Ulysses
By Bernard Evslin
Discussion Tic Tac Toe
Directions: Choose questions about the novel and discuss them in your small
groups. You must choose at least three questions and at least one must be
from the center column of the discussion chart.
Explain how the ancient
Greek warships were
especially suited for battles at
Imagine that you are a god or
goddess fighting for the
golden apple. What would
you offer Paris to win the
apple and why?
Explain what started the war
between the Greek kings and
Who was at fault for the war Identify the strategy that
between the Greeks and
Ulysses used to defeat the
Trojans and why? Consider
Trojans in the war
Eris, Paris, and the three
goddesses including
Aphrodite, Athene, and Hera.
Select one of the following
quotes. Explain its meaning
and describe how it relates to
the story:
Do you think that Paris
would have chosen a
different goddess if he had
been raised as the prince of
Troy instead of growing up
as a shepherd boy in hiding?
Why or why not?
“Bad luck makes good
stories” (page 3).
Ulysses “was the master
strategist of the Greek forces
in their war against Troy, the
war that started with an
apple, ended with a horse,
and was fought by a
thousand kings for the love
of a single woman” (page
Compare the character traits
of the three goddesses
Athene, Aphrodite, and Hera.
How are they alike and how
are they different?
The text describes ancient
Greek warships were very
different from modern day
boats. How did the ancient
ships make Ulysses voyage
home to Ithaca difficult?