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Homer and the Trojan War
Chapter 11 Lesson 2
The events of the Trojan
War are narrated in many
works of Greek literature
and depicted in numerous
works of Greek art.
The two most important
works were the Iliad and the
Written by Homer
Each poem narrates part of
the Trojan War.
Written between the 8the
and 9th centuries B.C.
Located at the southern
entrance to the Black
According to Homer,
the city-state was
originally an ally of the
mainland Greece
Huge walls surrounded
the city for protection.
How the war began
There was a festival in Greece
celebrating the friendship
between the Greeks and the
Helen, considered the most
beautiful woman in the Greek
world and wife Menelaus, the
Greek King, Achaeans.
Treated her horribly
Fell in love with a Trojan Prince
named Paris
Paris convinced Helen to
escape Greece and live with
him in Troy. (15:15)
As they sailed back to Troy
Menaulaus found out of his
wife’s betrayal and
convinced his brother to go
to war with Troy to get her
King Achaenas had been
wanting to conquer the
Thousands of Greek
soldiers, including their most
famous Achilles, sail to
attack Troy.
The Siege of Troy
Paris fights Manalaus for Helen, Hector
kills Menalaus
Lasted 10 years
Battles won by both sides
Achilles did not want to fight for King
The death of this cousin Petroclus makes
him fight for Greece
Many causalities on both sides.
Achilles kills Hector
During the 10th year, the Trojans were
finally able to push back the Greeks and
it appeared that they were going home.
The End of the War
The Greeks pulled all of
their ships out of the
harbor and left a huge
wooden horse as a gift
for the Trojans.
This was typical of the
loser in a Greek War.
The horse was taken
back into walls of Troy
Days of celebration
After the last day of
celebration, as most of Troy
slept, the soldiers busted out
of horse and conquered the
city. 215.06
Paris and Helen escaped
with hundreds to the hills.
Achilles was killed by a
wound to the tendon above
the foot. 2:28.25