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Chapter 18, World Problems and
the Practice of Anthropology
Key Terms
applied anthropology
The application of anthropological
perspectives, theory, empirical knowledge of
cultures and methods to help assess and solve
human problems.
lesser developed country
scarcity explanation of hunger
The major cause of hunger in the LDCs is
overpopulation: Populations have grown so
large that available land and technology cannot
produce enough food to feed them.
inequality explanation of hunger
The unequal distribution of resources is largely
responsible for chronic hunger on a worldwide
technology transfer solution
Applying modern scientific know-how and
technology to areas in which agriculture is still
technologically underdeveloped.
Indigenous peoples
Small scale human societies who make their
living by foraging, farming, and /or herding,
living in roughly the same region as their
ancestors, and are fairly remote from the
economic and political centers of the countries
that include their territory.