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Ernest Rutherford
By: Laura Matt, Brenna Casserilla, and Nathan Armstrong
Where and When Discovered
In 1899, Rutherford studied alpha particles. In 1909, he noticed alpha particles
would not always behave in accordance to the plum pudding model of an atom when
fired at a piece of gold foil. In 1911, he published his findings forever known as the
Rutherford’s Gold Foil Experiment. In London, England, Rutherford came up with
the Gold Foil Experiment.
Importance of Discovery
The Gold Foil Experiment was created by Ernest Rutherford with the help of Hans Geiger to help
explain the structure of an atom. They set out to prove the plum pudding model, but in the end they
ended up disproving the theory which led to the creation of the Rutherford model.
This experiment shot alpha particles (positively charged) at gold foils surrounded by a
fluorescent screen. Rutherford hypothesised that the alpha particles would go straight through the foil
but majority of the test did not, he believed that it was due to the particles having a dense center.
Rutherford concluded that most of the atom's mass was in the center. Also that the atom consisted of
protons and neutrons are in the center while electrons were found racing around it. Rutherford´s
model also helped discover the nucleus of the atom (the center).
Picture of the Atomic Models
Random Facts
~ Ernest Rutherford was born on August 30th, 1871 and died on October 19th,
~ Ernest Rutherford was married to Mary Georgina Newton
~ Ernest Rutherford went to college at the University of Cambridge
~ Ernest Rutherford was Canadian, British, and New Zealish
Quiz Questions
1. What did the atom model look like before Rutherford´s
2. How did the atomic model change after his experiment?
3. When did he make/share his discovery of the atomic
4. What was his most significant experiment called?
Nbbbbbbbbbbbb A circle full of protron and electons.
2. The new model had a centralized nucleus of protons and neutrons, electrons
circled the nucleus
3. 1911, two years after his initial experiment
4. The Gold Foil Experiment