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Pre-Lab Questions
Name: _______________________________ Date: __________________
Instructor: ______________________________ Section: ________________
1. Democritus, a Greek philosopher, said that matter is _____________________________.
2. What does the Greek word atomos mean?
3. About 350 B.C., Aristotle stated that both _________________ and
_________________ are continuous.
4. What are the five postulates of Dalton’s atomic theory?
5. (a) When electricity was applied to a gas filled seal tube, the tube began to glow and emit
a/an ___________________________.
(b) This eventually led to the discovery of a negatively charged particle called a/an
_______________ and a positively charged particle called a/an _________________.
6. J.J. Thomson’s model of the atom became known as the ____________________ Model.
7. (a) When Ernest Rutherford fired alpha rays at thin gold foils, most of the particles
________________ _______________ _______________ the foil.
(b) Rutherford interpreted his results, saying that an atom is largely _______________
8. What did James Chadwick discover in 1932?