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5 Basic
5 Basic
1. Carbohydrates
(Starch and Sugar)
The most efficient energy source
Burned off quickly
2. Fats
High energy in compact form
Usually stored in the body
3. Proteins
(amino acids)
Helps to rebuild and maintain body tissues
4. Vitamins and minerals
Regulates vital body processes
5. Water
The body’s most essential nutrient
65 – 70% of your body is water
Helps to transport and absorb nutrients
Lubricates your joints
Enables you to swallow and digest food
Carries off body waste
Helps you cool down (perspiration)
Recommended to drink 6-8 cups daily
Sources of H2O
Food also supplies water
Fruit, vegetables, milk products
75% water
Poultry and meat 50-60% water
Grain products 5-30% water