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Plants and How
They Grow
All living things on earth can
be separated into groups.
Two groups are:
and animals
A Plant…
Is a living thing
grows on land or in water
Cannot move from place to place
usually has green leaves
Tell one reason why the following picture is or is not a plant
A Plant needs…
air and warmth
most need soil which provides nutrients
What do plants need to grow ?
Plant Parts
• Cell: The smallest and most basic unit
of a living thing.
• Plant cells have stiff walls that support
the plant.
• A system consists of parts that work
• A plant’s leaves make up its leaf system.
•Many other things are part of a system.
Plant Parts
• Root: takes in water and nutrients and
provides support for the plant.
• Many plants have a large root called a
• Stem: holds up the leaves and carries
water and nutrients through the plant.
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