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Mutual dependence of countries on
goods, resources, and knowledge from
other parts of the world
• People who leave their country to escape poverty,
war, or political freedom
• Nations and organization will help provide aide in
temporary camps
Drug Trade
• Poor farmers make more money
• Use of violence to publicize a cause or achieve
The Environment
• Industrialization has polluted the environment
• Global Warming and deforestation
• Developing nations limited regulation
Global Economy
• Economic links are strong and world economies
impact each other
Human Rights
• Human rights are basic rights and freedoms that all
people are entitled to as humans
• Many developing countries lack these rights
• Helsinki Agreement: supports basic human rights
Technology and the
• Technological advances may ease many growing
world issues – solve many issues
o Hunger, medicine
• United Nations:
o an international organization whose aims are
facilitating international cooperation to preserve
peace and solve international problems (1945)
• World Health Organization:
o part of UN deals with international public health
• International Monetary Fund:
o international lending organization, supports
global economic cooperation
Main Ideas: Cause & Effect
1. Permanent communities, more complex forms
of gov’t religion; new technology
2. European direct trade routes with Asia
3. Increased food production; new farm
technology; less field workers needed;
4. Mechanization; people replaced by machines;
urbanization; Imperialism – leads to #5
5. Westernization; nationalism; cash crops and
Developing nations dependent on Europe & US
6. Debt Crisis
7. Strains on gov’t and resources; overcrowding,
lose of traditional culture
• Upside of Globalization
• Globalization: Good or Bad?