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•Intro to medicine
•Prescription vs. over-the-counter
•Medicine misuse
•Medicine Safety
• Prevents or cures a disease or medical
• Classified according to effect on body
a. Prevent disease
b. Fight pathogens
c. Relieve pain
d. Regulate blood pressure
• Food and Drug Administration
-protects public health
-safety and security of drugs
-testing and approval of new drugs
1. pre-clinical testing
2. sponsor submits investigational new
drug application
3. clinical trials
4. sponsor submits new drug application
5. FDA reviews
6. Released
a. prescription
b. over-the-counter
- Strength and potential to harm
– Prescribed by physician, dispensed
by licensed pharmacist
– Schedules/Categories
1 Illegal and not prescribable
2 Written prescription required
3 Written or oral prescription
4 Written or oral prescription
5 OTC or by prescription depending
on state law
• Can buy without a doctors prescription
• Safe when used as directed
Warning: potential of being harmful
if not used as directed
Certain information required by FDA
Name of product
Exact measurement of package contents
Name and address of manufacturer
Purpose of medicine
Cautions on use
Directions for safe use
Expiration date
Using medicine in a way other than the one intended
giving your prescription medicine to someone else
taking too much or too little of a medicine
taking someone else’s medicine
discontinuing use of medicine without informing
one’s doctor
– taking medicine for a longer period of time than
was prescribed
– mixing medicine
Urge person to speak immediately with
health care professional
Discuss situation with responsible adult
Proper storage
• keep in original package
• safe place
• never disable child-resistant
• discard expired medicines
Ask Questions
Read the Label
Practice Safety
Become a partner in your health care
– Poison Control
-24 hour hotline 1-800-222-1222
-be prepared to give information about victim
and ingested medicine
Food and Drug Administration
Manufactures must supply information
medicine’s chemical composition
intended use
possible side effects
Responsible Decisions
1. State the situation
2. List the options
3. Weigh the possible outcomes
4. Consider your values
5. Make a decision and act
6. Evaluate the decision