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Malaria can occur despite taking anti-malarial
drugs and symptoms of malaria infection
usually occur within 9 to 14 days.
Treatmen depends on the severity of the
infection, the patient´s age, inmune status, the
pattern of antimalarial drug supceptibility and
the cost and availability of such drugs.
You should do everything it can to prevent
mosquito bites. If you can, sleep in a room with
screens on the windows and doors. Use a
protective mosquito on her bed. At dusk, wear
lightcoloured pants and shirts with long sleeves.
Malaria is a disease caused by the parasite
Plasmodium. The symptoms are varied, starting
with fever 8 to 30 days after infection,
accompanied or not, headache, muscle aches,
diarrhea, weakness and cough.
What is malaria?
a) A disease caused by plasmodium.
b) A virus
c) A common cold.
How do you avoid the mosquito spung?
a) Taking a pill.
b) Drinking a glass of water.
c) Sleeping with mosquito nets on windows and
What does the treatment depend on?
a) As dark as you are
b) how bad you are
c) If you itchy
Where is there malaria?
a) The India, South America,...
b) Spain, France,...
c)The USA, Portugal,...
What are the symptoms?
a) Laughter and high fever
b) Fever, chills, sweating and headache.
c) Hot and fever.
Laura S. C, Zaira, Sandra and Carolina.