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This session will teach you how to explain points well,
using the ‘why’ model of analysis.
The first ‘E’ is the most important part of PEEL, this is
a good way of making sure you do it well.
•4 teams, each of 2 speakers.
•5 minute speeches.
•15 minutes preparation.
•We have learnt the different roles of each position.
•Points of Information – offer them, take them!
•It’s game where you and your partner try to convince
the judges more effectively than the other teams that
your view is correct.
3 Main Points
•Debating isn’t just about having good ideas.
•Good ‘analysis’ of a point is essentially giving as many
reasons as possible why something is a) true and b)
important with as much justification as possible.
•At no point should your judge ever ask themselves
‘why is that true/important/relevant?’
•Minimise assertion, and maximise reasoning.
•Start small, and build a logical path.
•Judges only judge based on the quality of reason that
they are given.
Your Main Point.
Why your main point is true.
Why the justification of the main
point is true.
Or you can start with your assertion and
explain what that leads to logically – either is
•We should give prisoners the right to vote
Prisoners have issues which affect them in LIKE
society which should be considered.
Prison overcrowding and abuse by
wardens are key issues that are
understood almost solely by
prisoners, and hence are notWHY IS THIS
Democracies should accommodate
the views of all people with a stake
in that society.
•People are sovereign over their own bodies
This means that they are the best informed
as to the pleasures and harms of drug use.
When the state legislates on this it REALLY?
could be ignoring a rational decision.
Even if this is not the case people WHAT
have the right to harm themselves. DOES THIS
The state has no duty to intervene in
drug use choices other than to provide
all of the information it can about that
choice – so they should be legalised.
Whilst examples are good for illustration,
explanation is the most necessary to win debates.
If your argument can be made more intuitive,
persuasive, and coherent through analysing
logically, you’ve got the debate in the bag.