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Positions Available at BioDuro
• Director of MedChem (1-2)
Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry with more than ten years
of drug discovery and managerial experience
Outstanding track record in medicinal chemistry with extensive patent and publication
Experience in diverse drug targets and familiarity with structure-based
design are desired
• Director of Discovery Biology
Ph.D. in molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, immunology, or related field
with a minimal 5 years of industry experience
Knowledgeable in the most up-to-date drug discovery assays, tools and technologies,
especially in GPCR drug discovery from assay development to compound screening
for SAR support and compound profiling
Proven ability and track record to direct and lead a team of talented scientists and
strong skills in interpreting data and writing scientific reports
Excellent communication and presentation skills in both English and Chinese
Partners in Advanced Discovery
Positions Available at BioDuro-cont.
• Director of Business Development in the US
Bachelors degree in science or business (Master's/PhD strongly preferred)
5+ years sales experience in biotech/pharmaceutical/CRO Or equivalent combination
of education, training and experience that provides the knowledge, skills and abilities
to perform the job
Computer skills to handle sales automation, word processing, spreadsheets, power
point and email Excellent oral and written communication skills Ability to manage
people and tasks Problem solving Sales skills Contract negotiation skills
Contact: [email protected]
Partners in Advanced Discovery