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Loretta Butehorn PhD CCH
Join Annual Homeopathic Conference 2013
April 2013
Goals for this Presentation
 Describe research in substance abuse treatment
 Identify use of Nux vomica as “protocol” treatment for
early stabilization after detoxification for chemical
 Discuss partnering with allopathic substance abuse
treatment in community.
April 2013
 Clients who have used traditional allopathic
detoxification for substance dependence most often
develop PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome)
 Paws often causes immediate withdrawal from
substance abuse treatment and relapse
 An acute, immediate intervention would be useful to
stabilize the client before constitutional treatment can
be used.
April 2013
Sample of NWS
 TERRY 53 yr old woman’s husband murdered before
her eyes- was drugging and living in an unsafe park in
Boston in a tent –to which she would return if she
 JOYCE 12 yr old impregnated by stepfather thought to
be “whoring around” by her mother-today a 22 year old
women who has supported herself through
prostitution and is desperate to stop but has no real
NWS continued
• LISA as a 17 year old tried to get her mom out of crack
house, ended up using crack with mom-today as a 25
year old ,relapse would mean continued decline
• ANDREA as a 22 year old left her terminally ill
husband without saying goodbye because she couldn’t
stand to watch him die- today as a 45 year old cannot
hold a job and last relapse left her homeless is buried
in guilt
• Real people, real pain
April 2013
 Each person in this population had a significant
history of severe trauma , abuse, abandonment prior to
beginning drug use with significant number of
attempts at treatment and multiple treatment
April 2013
 What is PAWS
 How we developed an homeopathic intervention for
this population of clients
 What were the results…..
April 2013
PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome)
 Severe cravings for any drug which causes addiction
 Irritability, agitation
 Nausea, diarrhea, sleep disturbance
 Memory disturbance
 If you have ever had a craving for chocolate multiple
that physical-emotional experience by 1000 and you
might get the idea of what client is experiencing
April 2013
April 2013
Research in addiction and
 Heroin addicts in India, 60 patients
 35% left study from placebo group
 5% from homeopathic group
 Significant decrease in cravings and withdrawal
 Resulted in institutionalization of homeopathy in
substance abuse rx in India
-Bakski, presented on Nat Conf on Homeopathy and Drug Abuse, March 1990
April 2013
Nux vomica
Controlled study rats and alcohol
Choice of alcohol and non alcohol bottles
Significantly reduced alcohol intake with
homeopathic treatment
Sukul NC, et al “Strychnos Nuv Vomica extract and its ultra high dilution
reduce voluntary ethanol intake in rats” J Altern Com Med. 2001
April 2013
Detox and Post acute withdrawal
 1993-Detox CA 703-randomized, controled-18 months:
Relapse: 32% of homeopatic, 68% of placebo rx, 72%
of regular detox— S. Garcia-Swain,M.D. in Lanksy, 2003.
April 2013
Genus epidemicus
 Van de Zee’s* use of Hahnemann’s construct of genus
epidemicus to prescribe for trauma victims as a group a
model for Nux vomica protocol.
 We decided to treat this as an acute condition, and use the
combined symptoms of the population
 Using this as a model, we began offering Nux vomica 200 c
in water, succussed, as needed for 1 week to clients
suffering from PAWS before constitutional treatment
*“Healing Collective Trauma” in Homeopathy and Mental Health Harry van der Zee 200
April 2013
Informal results
 In 2 Boston 6 month treatment
programs-2006-2010 we offered “Nux
 2006-2008- 2 programs- 39% and 33%
completion rate non-homeopathic
group, with homeopathy 64% and
66% completion rate. Butehorn et al, attached
in handouts
April 2013
April 2013
Boston Area Substance Abuse
Treatment Center 2010-2011
 28 day post detox program
 Nux vomica 200 c 1-2 dry doses for PAWS
 Self selected population
 Women between 18 and 70
 Multiple drug addiction
April 2013
Tx xfer,
Unknown/ Disappeared
Completed Tx w/o aftercare
Med/psych discharge
Compliance Issues
Completed Tx with aftercare
Still enrolled
ACA within 48 hours
ACA after 48 hours
Discharge Reasons
Control Group
April 2013
Med/psych discharge
Unknown/ Disappeared
Completed Tx w/o aftercare
Compliance Issues
Still enrolled
ACA within 48 hours
ACA after 48 hours
Discharge Reasons
Homeopathic Tx
April 2013
Completed Tx with aftercare
Dec 2010-Dec 2011
Non homeopathic= 184
 Completed 42% *
 Completed 63% *
 Left program after less than
 Left program after less than
48 hrs(ACA)=11%
 Left program after 48 hrs
(ACA)=23% *
 Dismissed compliance
48 hrs (ACA)= 7%
 Left program after 48 hrs
(ACA)=15% *
 Dismissed compliance
*=statistical significance
April 2013
April 2013
April 2013
April 2013
April 2013
April 2013
April 2013
Totality of all charts
April 2013
NWS: Trust Betrayed
Based on work presented by
Morrison and Herrick at
American Medical College of
Homeopathy Conference
Sept 2012.
Unendurable grief
Holding in—Rigidity<consolation
April 2013
Metabolized by…………. Sadly, often met with
1. Validation
2. Support
3. Processing
refusal to listen
4. Safety
blatantly unsafe
So self medication becomes the default option resulting
in addiction
April 2013
Nux Vomica
 Hangover drug
 And now I call it the “arnica of addiction”
 This is a terrific “protocol”for people in early stages of
recovery (post detoxification from alcohol and other
April 2013
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April 2013
April 2013