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PT Mutuallink Indonesia
Founded by highly reputable professionals and highly
skilled individuals with a solid local knowledge and
international networks.
Established under the company law of the Republic of
Indonesia with specific corporate license in Consulting
and Human Resources Outsourcing.
White Collars
Job Function
Blue Collars
Store Management
Admin. & Back
Tax & Accounting
Call Center, Cust.
Personal Tax
Corp. Tax Services
Accounting Services
Market Survey & FS
We are a one-stop shop, providing the following
comprehensive consultancy services in Indonesia:
•Consultancy services, setting up legal presence in
Indonesia in form of 100% foreign owned companies,
joint ventures and representative offices, including
licensing and post-licensing procedures;
• Legal and tax update;
• Investment advisory services, including seeking
potential Indonesian partners, due diligence, and lead
• Contract negotiations and drafting;
• Advisory on labor law and social security law;
• Merger and acquisition;
• Legal, tax and finance due diligence,
• Cross-border tax structuring, tax optimization and tax
advisory services;
• Tax dispute resolution;
• Tax compliance (monthly and yearly);
• Payroll and outsourcing services;
• Financial audit and assurance service;
• Accounting and bookkeeping service; and
• Trust bank account services.
• 4th most populated country in the world spread in
6,000 islands out of 17,000 Indonesian islands
• GDP rank has moved from No. 32 in year 2000 to No.
16 in 2010
• The largest economy (40%) in ASEAN Group
• Holds 40% of the world’s geothermal resources
• At around USD 550 billion in 2009, Indonesia is one of
three of the world’s larger economies (along with
China and India) to have had significant economic
growth amid the global financial crisis.
• Ranked 1st among Asia-Pacific sovereigns by Standard
& Poor’s for best fiscal balance.
• In January 2010, Fitch Ratings upgraded Indonesia’s
credit rating to BB+ with a stable outlook, putting
Indonesia only one notch below investment grade –
an enormous vote of confidence for investments
• 83% total debt/GDP in 2001 was reduced to 29% by
the end of 2009
• Listed as one of the top 10 most attractive destination
for foreign direct investment (FDI) as per UNCTAD
World’s Investment Prospects Survey
• Nominal per-capita GDP is expected to quadruple by
2020 as per Standard Chartered
• In 1998, government debt was over 100% of GDP.
Today it is about 25% of GDP and the budget deficit
for 2010 was less than 1% of GDP
• Infrastructures (rail, roads and ports)
• Energy (Power/Electricity) – Fossil and Renewable
(nuclear, hydro, geothermal, gas, oil and coal)
Railways and stations development
Coal lines in Sumatra and Kalimantan
Development of Urban transport networks
Development of inland dry ports
Development of roads and toll roads – need >500,000
KM of new roads
• Development of ports – now only has 2 international
hub ports and no investment for 25 years
• Huge opportunity in Geothermal power plant
• Many palm oil plantation need refinancing or take
• Coal trading opportunities
• Project financing opportunities
• Premium foods and beverages supplies