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The 15th
Jakarta 2017
The Biggest Building and
Finishing Material Expo
in Indonesia
17 - 21 May 2017
Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)
BSD City, Indonesia
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The biggest
gets bigger
Indonesia today…
16th largest economy in the world
4th most populated country
in the world
33% of ASEAN’s GDP
53% of the population in the cities
producing 74% of GDP
55 million skilled workers
in the Indonesian economy
800,000 housing units required each
year to cope with urbanisation
The growth of Indonesia’s consuming
class is stronger than any economy
of the world apart from China, which
is a key signal to international
businesses who are looking for
considerable investment opportunities.
Indonesia –
Asia’s emerging
Home to the world’s 16th largest economy,
Indonesia is booming thanks to the country’s
domestic consumption and productivity growth.
The country also has a young population and
is quickly urbanising, which is powering
the growth in income.
As shown by the diagram below, the age structure
of the population is an important driver of
construction demand. The higher the dependency
ratio, the greater the requirements for housing
and non-housing. Among the 13 listed countries,
there is a clear divergence between developed
countries and emerging markets.
GDP and Population Growth
An additional 90 million Indonesians are expected
to join the global consuming class by 2030, which
is the largest increase anticipated in any other
country apart from China.
As shown by the diagram below, Indonesia’s population is forecast by the United
Nations to increase at an average rate of 0.8% per annum between now and 2025.
The GDP growth is expected to increase at an average of 5.4% pa during the same
period, and its construction output to increase at an average of 6.5% pa.
Indonesia by 2030…
Indonesia is forecast
to be the 7th largest economy
in the world
135 million members
of consuming class
71% of the population in cities
producing 86% of GDP
113 million skilled workers needed
$1.8 trillion market opportunity
in consumer services, agriculture,
resources and education
2012–2025 Growth Rates
for Population, GDP and
Construction Output
in Indonesia
Your gateway
to Indonesian
Founded in 2003, Indobuildtech Jakarta is Indonesia’s largest
and longest running exhibition dedicated to the architecture,
building, design and décor industries. Annually welcoming
over 20,000 B2B industry buyers, the event is recognised as
the key platform for entering Southeast Asia’s most thriving
your products
The exhibition also offers
a comprehensive Business
Programme aimed at attracting
the region’s most influential buyers.
Brand new venue
Building Materials & Equipment
Interiors, Design & Décor
Paints & Coatings
Decorative Textiles & Materials
Bathrooms & Sanitary Ware
Ceramic Tiles
Hardware & Tools
Wood, Veneers & Flooring
Gates & Automation
Heating & Ventilation
Indobuildtech Jakarta 2017 will
take place at the new Indonesian
Convention Exhibition (ICE), which has
been designed to be the most spacious
exhibition centre in Indonesia and is
located at the heart of BSD City.
What our exhibitors say
“ We have been exhibiting at Indobuildtech Jakarta for a long time. This is
the biggest building materials expo, it has a good reputation on the market
and people come here to find new technologies and new products.”
Shirley Wasito, Marketing Department, SIKA
“ Indobuildtech Jakarta is the biggest exhibition in the building and interiors
event in Indonesia, every person who works in the building materials industry
in Indonesia will know this exhibition.”
Andre Hariato, Marketing Department, TOTO
“ Indobuildtech Jakarta is the biggest exhibition in the building materials
market and is very well known in Indonesia. We are here presenting our
lighting products and have had a lot of designers and architects to our stand.
We come here to increase our brand awareness.”
Riky Tanady, Senior Executive, PANASONIC
with key
Jakarta in figures*:
Visitors: 46,500
Exhibitors: 527
International companies: 242
Domestic companies: 285
Countries represented: 19
Australia, Belgium, China, France, Germany, India,
Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand,
Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand,
Turkey, Vietnam
figures based on 2016 edition
Retailers & Wholesalers
Construction Professionals
Structural Engineers
Interior Designers
Finishing & Maintenance
Specialists in growth markets
For more than two decades, ITE Build & Interiors have
been connecting businesses to some of the most
significant markets around the world. Since the first
event in Kazakhstan in 1994 (KazBuild), the portfolio has
continued to grow across Russia, Central Asia, Eastern
and Southern Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa.
The portfolio now consists of over 40 specialist events
worldwide and owns some of the most globallyrenowned brands such as MosBuild (Russia), Yapi
TurkeyBuild (Turkey), Indobuildtech (Indonesia),
BakuBuild (Azerbaijan) and many others.
The expansion in the portfolio has increased the number
of opportunities available to companies with the vision
and ambition to grow their business in fast-developing
and growing markets.
Debindo ITE
T: +62 (21) 8379 7401
E: [email protected]
ITE Group Plc
T: +44 (0) 207 596 5186
E: [email protected]