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Transport Sector
Prepared for the EASSD Transport Sector Retreat
Washington DC
January 25, 2010
Economy and Transport Systems
Population 65 million, land area 516,000 km2, population
density 126 persons/Km2, middle-income country, but
growth affected by political instability in recent years;
Extensive national highway network and rural road network
across the country, but lacks inter-city expressways;
Trunk railway network without the burden of rural branches,
but carrying only 3% of the transport task;
Inland water transport mainly on the Chaopriya River;
World-class air transport;
Well-functioned seaports;
Urban transport: not as bad as what people say;
Logistics costs at 14% of GDP;
Economy developed on the wheels with high energy intensity
in transport
Bank Operations (1)
Bank-Country relationship has evolved from
lender-borrower to development partners
Bank operations: mainly knowledge programs,
but remain responsive to demand for financing,
most likely in infrastructure
Transport knowledge products
AAA: Urban transport strategy for Bangkok;
AAA: Thailand: Making Transport More Energy
AAA: Urban transport in medium-sized cities in EAP
(Chiang Mai and Korat)
AAA: Infrastructure PPP in Thailand
Just-in-time advisory on logistics strategy, rail reform,
and PPP in transport
Bank Operations (2)
Thailand Highways Management Project ($84 million,
on-going, introducing PBC for maintenance, and ran
into INT)
Additional Financing (80 million, negotiated, financing
NH 4-laning and inter-city motorway PPP TA)
JSDF Community Youth Helmet Use Program
($0.9 million, on-going)
GEF Chiang Mai Sustainable Urban Transport
Project ($0.8 million TA project, just approved)
CTF IP (approved, including BRT for Bangkok)
Thailand Highway Sector
Experiences: Should we learn?
Long-term highway development plan
Probably international best practices in contract
management including environment management
One of the most cost-efficient performers in road
construction (ROCKS)
Monthly unit cost updates by MOC and rigorous
engineering cost estimates by DOH
E-Auction already in use
Unique civil works procurement
Cases for south-south knowledge-sharing?
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