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A hard disk drive is a data storage
device used for storing and
retrieving digital information
using rapidly rotating discs coated
with magnetic material.
An HDD retains data and
information even when powered
They come in many shapes and
A typical hard drive is about 6
inches long, 4 inches wide
There will be two cables running
out of the hard drive, one will
probably have four colored wires
this is power. The other will either
be a ribbon-style cable, or
sometimes in newer systems,
there is a cable a little less than
half an inch wide.
Stores data.
• The sound card is built inside
the motherboard.
• A sound card is an internal
computer expansion card.
• The sound card can input and
output audio signals from and
to the motherboard.
• The colours on the a typical
sound board are:
• Blue (for line in)
• Red (mic in)
• Green (line out)
• There are many colours…
A video card has many
different names. Most refer
it to the Video card but
others call it different
Video cards come in 2 sizes.
This allows laptops owners
to add video cards if they
want to.
They are located around
the back of you monitor.
Also on the sides of
They allow a picture to
display on your television
screen if you were to pug
your laptop video card wire
into the T.V.
It supply's power to a electrical
device which requires a power
It controls the input voltage to a
certain device.
Say your device only needed 3V
the power supply would regulate
this at a constant.
The location of the power supply
differs in computers but they are
mostly found at the back of the
computer to allow the hot
computer parts to cool down.
The cooling fan cools the parts
and lets the computer be used
for longer times as the parts
don’t over heat and melt.
A CD-ROM is a pre-pressed
compact disc. It can hold
information like videos, images
and games.
The CD reader reads these disc
and coverts the information
onto your desktop screen.
Certain CD ROM’s read certain,
for example: The Xbox CD
reader only reads Xbox games.
Also a DVD CD reader can only
read CD or DVD’s but cannot
covert the game information
from Xbox games or PS3
Location is at the front of
• The CPU carries can input/output
information given by the
• It is the brains of the computer
as it sorts out information given
by input signals.
• Its also outputs information, like
the images projected on the
• It's located on the motherboard
inside the computer tower (or
inside the laptop).
• The CPU is located under the
heat sink that nearly always has
a fan on top of it.
The motherboard is the main circuit
board of your computer.
It holds many of the crucial
components of the system.
Attached to the motherboard, you'll
find the CPU, ROM, memory RAM
expansion slots, PCI slots, and USB
Basically, the motherboard is what
makes everything in your computer
work together.
Each motherboard has a collection
of chips and controllers.
It contains most of the main
components of the computer.
Basic Input/Output System (BIOS)
It contains instructions and setup
for how your system should boot
and how it operates.
The BIOS contains all the code
required to control the keyboard,
display screen, disk drives and a
number of miscellaneous functions.
The BIOS is typically placed in a
ROM chip that comes with the
Having a flash memory BIOS is good
because this means it can be
updated when needed.
THE BIOS is located on the
• RAM stands for Random
Access Memory.
• It is temporary storage for
• RAM is faster then ROM.
• Disadvantage of RAM is that
if the power supply is cut off
then the data is then lost if it
has not been saved
• RAM can be inputted into the
laptop/computer or is built
into the computer.