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Anytime Fitness
Tingting Shen (Laura)
Ying Liu (Ivy)
Xinwei Hou (Sylvia)
Wenlong Su (Vince)
A large 24-hour fitness franchise
The first club was established in Cambridge, MN, in 2002
Robust rates
The factors to success
Widely recognized
Global Market Assessment
 Fitness industry meets the demand for health
 Fitness industry has huge potential
 Fitness is popular
 The development in some countries
 Supporters
Future Outlook in China
 A good time to extend to China
Ample room for development
 Chinese have the ability and willing to pay
for the fitness fee
 Customer groups
Two Competing Companies
Nirvana Fitness
CSI-bally Total
---most relevant to not relevant
 Economics
 Government
 Culture
 Physical Infrastructure
 Communication Infrastructure
Total Population ---1,338,612,968
 Middle Class Size--- 70 million people $10,000 US income
 average age --- 35.2
 Urban/ Rural Composition--- 43% urban population
Government Stability
Government attitude to FDI
Legal System
GDP and GDP Growth Rate
 Per Capita GDP
 Consumer Inflation
 Potential Market
View point of beauty
Willingness to Stay Fit
General Perception towards foreign business
Physical Infrastructure
Public transportation
Communication Infrastructure
Daily newspapers --- more than 40 million
Television users --- 30%
Internet users --- 298 million (2008)
Key Factors
GDP per
capita of China
Legal system
attitude to
Competitive Nations--- JAPAN
•Pursue beauty
•Improved stature due to exercise
•Stress on health
The third-largest economy in the world
Strong consumption power
Open consumption idea: don’t much care
about price
Densely-populated country--- High rent
Ageing problem, low birth rate and
population growth rate--- Decreased
Economic risk exists after the financial
Competitive Nations--- GERMANY
•German love sports
•Fitness industry is the 2nd largest market in Europe
•Large medical insurers reimburse fitness costs
--- 30 to 200 euro
•Government promotes national to do exercise
•Fitness industry:
•Rapid developed in late 1990’s--- Closed due to improper
management and service in 2002--- Steady rise from 2006
•Fitness is an active and forward market
High income tax: 33% to 37%
Indirect tax increased 3% from 2008
Fierce local competition--- special services
Short-Term Recommendations
Establishing partnerships Residential
 Advertisement
 Local employees are better
 Build up the comfortable environment
Long-Term Recommendations
------next-five years
100% copy
Build up clubs around the super cities, and
then build up the flagship in super cities.
Long-Term Recommendations
------second-five years
Enlarging the range of services or products
Build up the corporate culture depends on the
culture difference
Anytime Fitness have the ability to develop a global market expansion
Anytime Fitness must seek a new market to develop their business
The business environment in China is favorable for Anytime Fitness
Chinese market has huge profits and intense competition at the same
Japan and Germany also have the market potential to develop fitness
The high-equipment and friendly atmosphere are the key to success
Anytime Fitness must has a short and long plan to develop