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Confederal- strong local government and
weak central government
Unitary- Strong Central Government and a
Weak Local Government
Federal- Shares power between central and
Reem and Kate’s soccer team’s government
is made up of a coach (central government)
and a the players (local governments). The
coach can give an take away power however
he chooses.
Adolf Hitler was chosen for the Nazi Party to
be the leader, and he made the laws for
In the United Kingdom when there was an
absolute monarchy (autocracy example), the
king made all of the laws for the
Brett and Ryan are the team captains, and
they represent the central government. They
share power with their team mates by
listening to them.
The European Union cannot make laws for
the countries that are a part of it. In fact the
countries tell the government what to do.
Command Economy
Economies purely controlled
by the government
Mixed Economy
Combination of government
controlled and individual
citizen controlled economies.
Market Economy
Individuals control businesses
and economy through supply
and demand
Refers to wealth and resources
of a country
Type of money used
Literacy Rate
the percentage of people in a country
who are capable of reading and writing
Gross (not eww gross but gross which
means total) Domestic (like at a house)
Product… refers to how much a family in
a country makes per year
How does it slow/stop trade in an economy
How does it slow/stop trade in an economy
How does it slow/stop trade in an economy
How does it slow/stop trade in an economy
the intentional spending of money for
profitable use
Human Capital
Investments on training and education
of people
Physical Capital
Investments toward manufactured, manmade goods and machines
Natural Resources
Materials or substances such as
minerals, forests, water, and fertile
land that occur in nature and can be
used for economic gain.