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Zodiac Influence
12 (Original) Signs of the Zodiac
The Question
For some time in my life I asked the question;
"How could it ever be possible for stars and planets to affect our personalities?"
Seriously think of this for a little while. We know of the Zodiac which gives a certain sign to a certain
period of usually 30 days and then there are some specific attributes assigned to that period. Well,
you know - some planets are so far from us, even the fastest space craft we have today will take a
few years to reach them.
As if that is not enough, the Zodiac constellations consist of stars and galaxies that made a
particular pattern in the sky. Now, they are really far away. Distances to far away bodies are
measured in Light Years (ly) and it is the distance Light can travel in one Earth year, which is nearly
10 trillion kilometres! The other measurement we often use for smaller distances within a solar
system is the Astronomical Unit (AU) which is almost 150 million kilometres which by the way, is
the average distance from the Sun to Earth.
Take for instance Aries which is one of the Zodiac signs with the least star-points. Mesarthim =
204ly; Sheratan B = 58ly, Hamal = 66ly, ε-Ari = 296ly, λ-Ari = 133ly and π Ari = 600ly. Clearly when
one looks at this there can be no direct relationship between these stars. The most distant π Ari is
more than ten times further than the nearest Sheratan B. To make things more confusing, often
these Zodiac stars are not alone - some are a number of stars clustered close together as viewed
from Earth. Other stars in these Zodiac patterns are actually complete Galaxies with trillions of stars
and solar systems.
Thus the question kept on disturbing me; "How come these things has this influence on us
humans?" OK, one obvious answer is 'No, that is not possible'.
Then how come the different characteristics of people born in different months are provable facts.
As if that is not enough, then we can add the Chinese Zodiac based on twelve yearly animals and
five elements - these are based on yearly, monthly and hourly cycles.
The Zodiac as we use it today is an astronomical division of the sky that goes back about 3,000
years to the Babylonian period, though there seems to be ne tables that even take the history much
further back to Assyrians or even Sumerians. The Chinese zodiac of twelve animals dates back on
clay pots to about 475 BC - therefore most likely also a concept that came from Babylon via the
ancient silk trade routes.
Through these past 2,500 odd years many people has studied this 'Cycle of Twelve' as I prefer to
call it. During the Middle Ages until fairly resent Astronomy and Astrology with other aspects like
Metallurgy and Medicine was actually all part of the same science study called Alchemy. Many
revered scientist and inventors like Newton, Sage, Einstein, Tesla, Voltaire, Da Vinci - all had
Astronomy and Astrology in the same book; a related science.
Still, we are looking for the answer to our question "How come the Zodiac influence humans?
We know today for sure that each period of about 30 days in the year has certain properties and
each person born in that period shares certain triads. When we look at the bigger picture, these
are also observable in the yearly cycles. So what is going on with the zodiac?
The Arrow of Sagittarius
We are exposed to massive forms of energy from
all over the universe - every moment of our lives
The Answer
electromagnetic phenomena. That means any
impulse of electrical and magnetic energy does
affect us directly. When we look in more details we
find is a very large range of possible signals
starting from Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF)
which could be as low as one pulse per hour to Extremely High Frequencies (ELF) which could be
higher than 30 million trillion pulses per second - that is 300 with 24 zeroes added.
Very simplified this electromagnetic spectrum can be applied as follow: With our ears we can hear
pressure pulses between 10 pulses per second up to about 22,000 pulses per second. Our eyes
we can see 'pulses' between 430 trillion and 750 trillion pulses per second. Between that which we
can hear and that we can see, are the Radio wave, Microwave and Infra-red spectrums - these we
can't see or hear, some we can feel in the form of heat. Above our visible spectrum is a whole
range of very bad EM energy; the Ultra Violet, X-ray and Gamma ray.
Now, in our universe there are all sorts of radiation that we know about and today we can observe
and measure them. There are also some energetic emissions and things we suspect but can't yet
measure or observe, we know they are there because we can observe their effects. It is kind of the
same as when you go to enjoy a nice sun day on the beach. You can feel the heat and light of the
sun, you can even see it. But there are also 'rays' that you can't observe - until much later when
you got home and took a shower. When you then look in the mirror you will see their effects sunburn.
The complete 'package' of signals in space, including the portions we can measure and the portions
we can only imagine, is usually called Cosmic Radiation. Some of this radiation is of such strength
that it does not pass through objects, some can go a limited distance through bodies, others pass
through but does leave a trail - and there is the big portion that does pass right on with no
immediately observable effects.
Each and every item in space has its own electromagnetic signal and today we can even observe
most of these. Now, during the time when our brains were formed and became active; we were
bombarded by a symphony of cosmic radiation. That Cosmic Radiation is part of what gave us our
life, consciousness, soul an existence. Depending on the composition of those deep penetrating
cosmic symphony, portions within our DNA were activated; THAT is what gives us our personality
and traits that corresponds to that period of the year.
Therefore we were 'programmed' accordingly to the signals our brains and DNA received from
Space. How come does it have the "Great Cycles of Twelve? I will need to prepare a video to use
in explaining; will answer this in my next Hub called "Zodiac Programming".
Updated on May 29, 2011
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