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By Misfer Almarri
Have the main rotor shaft and electrical
generator at the top of a tower, and must be
pointed into the wind
Small turbines are pointed by a simple wind
Turbine blades are made stiff to prevent the
blades from being pushed into the tower by
high winds
Advantages :
1-the turbine collects the maximum amount
of wind energy for the time of day and season
2-High efficiency, since the blades always
move perpendicularly to the wind,
3-The face of a horizontal axis blade is
struck by the wind at a consistent angle
regardless of the position in its rotation. This
results in a reducing vibration and audible
1. Machine Type: horizontal-axis wind
2. blade form: propeller
3. blade number: 3 pieces
4. blade material: glass fiber reinforced
5. type of generator: permanent-magnet 3
phase AC
6. type of tower: guy wire or free standing
Power: 1000W
Blade diameter (m): 3.1
Rated Rotate speed(r/min): 360
Rated speed (m/s): 8
Rated power: 1KW
Max power: 1.5KW
Output voltage (v): 48
Start up wind speed (m/s): 3
Work speed (m/s): 3-25
VAWTs use different shaped blades. Some
recently-developed VAWTs use S-shaped
Below, some pictures of vertical wind turbine.
have the main rotor shaft arranged vertically.
Key advantages of this arrangement are that
the turbine does not need to be pointed into
the wind to be effective. This is an advantage
on sites where the wind direction is highly
VAWTs have lower wind startup speeds than
VAWTs may have a lower noise
The generator of a VAWT can be located
nearer the ground,
Disadvantages :
1- Having rotors located close to the ground
where wind speeds are lower
2-It is difficult to mount vertical-axis
turbines on towers, meaning they are often
installed nearer to the base on which they