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Gauge Laser Pointer
Filed in December 2006 and Published in June 2008
Peter (Wonyoung) Kim
OPT 310
Prior Art
 Analog and/or digital readout for displaying specific
values of gauges (speedometers, engine temperature,
oil temperature, fuel level, oil pressure, battery voltage,
tire pressure etc.
 Numbers, letters, etc.
Description (1)
 Very similar to
“Free shape Gauge
by laser pointer”
 Projects laser beam
onto the face plate
to indicate speed,
temperature, fuel
level, battery, etc.
Description (2)
 Stepper motor (48) moves the beam (52) via rotating reflector (46)
based on the output of the sensor (56)that monitors the speed of
the vehicle
 Rotates across the face plate
 Circuit boards (42,40) and connector (50)
Description (3)