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Mariana Bell
The light of a laser is:
 Controlled
 Focused
 A singular wavelength or beam of light
The power of the laser (electrons, photons, and
atoms) are all amplified
There is a great force coming from the movement of
tiny sources
The photons are enhanced and stimulated by
the excited atom
This process initiates with a photon
Then it is inserted or combined with the excited
This combination results in the production of more
Emission within a laser is when an atom gives
off the produced photon, when the photon is
created, and then further continues the process
Stimulated Emission (Albert Einstein)
Photons that are emitted bounce between two
“mirrors” until enough have been created to
“break through”
This “break through” creates the laser beam
The radiation, according to a laser, is where the
photons are emitted from the physical machine
of the laser
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