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Industrial Grade 30V TO-220
MOSFET Product Family
This new product family is qualified to industrial grade and
MSL1 and offers the customer a range of solutions for
price and performance required in the target applications.
The devices are targeted at industrial UPS inverter
applications for 400VA to a few KVA using the half bridge
topology. They are suitable for power tools, ORing and
power supplies in Netcom applications.
• Very low RDS(on) at 4.5V VGS
• Ultra-low gate impedance
• Fully characterized avalanche voltage and
• Lead free
• Halogen free BOM capable
• These four devices, IRLB8721PbF, IRLB8748PbF, IRLB8743PbF,
and IRLB3813PbF offer the best RDS(on) to gate charge trade off in
the market.
• The devices offer multiple options (price versus performance) to the
circuit designer.
• The low RDS(on) values help to reduce thermal dissipation. For
example this reduces the temperature of UPS inverters due to
heating during the charging and discharging of the battery.
• The lower gate charge extends the battery life of the UPS inverters
or power tools.
July 2009