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Chapter 11
What are our moral values?
How does the morality of others differ from ours?
Are we respectful of the differences?
Morality defined….
Morality- the study of moral systems by which
significant choices are made.
What is a moral?
An adjective indicating a choice between significant
Morality in the Arts….
Where do we see moral themes in our culture?
In Cinema?
In Visual Art?
In Music?
In Literature?
Visual Art Examples…..
Visual Art….
Visual Art
Visual Art
Visual Art
The Morality of Self
Does acting out of self-interest alone benefit or harm
The philosophy of altruism holds that it is possible for
people to transcend what is often considered the basic
law that people are born selfish and never do
anything that doesn’t profit them in some way.
Moral Mathematics
Jeremy Bentham- The greatest good for the greatest
amount of people.
John Stuart Mill- The majority can be wrong and the
government must balance the irresponsibility of the
general population.
The Moral Imperative
Immanuel Kant- the inborn capacity to understand
what is right and wrong.
Religion and Morality
What role does religion play in morality?
Moral Relativism
The belief that right and wrong have no definitive
universal meaning but must be defined within a given
The opposite of moral absolutism, in which actions are
right and wrong, regardless of the context.