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Kohlberg’s Stage Theory of Moral Development
Level 1:
Preconventional • Stage 1: Might Makes Right
Punishment and obedience orientation. Whatever
leads to punishment is wrong.
punishments &
• Stage 2: Looking Out for Number One
The right way to behave is the way that is tangibly
rewarded. I'll scratch your back if you'll scratch mine.
absolutisim &
Level 2:
• Stage 3: "Good Girl" and "Nice Boy"
"Good behavior" is behavior that pleases others and
morality (social
gains social approval and praise.
approval & rules;
concrete logic & • Stage 4: "Law and Order"
Stresses the importance of "doing your duty" as a
"rightful citizen" in following established laws.
• Stage 5: Social Contract
Difference between legal and moral right.
Level 3:
Mutually beneficial laws remain in effect until
they become broken by or damaging to either
morality (abiding
laws can be
superceded by • Stage 6: Universal Ethical Principles
Individual principles of conscience arrived upon
others' rights;
through meditation and reflection that may
abstract thinking)
contradict earlier egocentric or legalistic
Copyright © 2016
Dr. Joseph A. Mayo [Adapted from: Several sources regarding Kohlberg’s (1966-1988) research
findings on the stages and sequence of moral development.]