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By Seth Ogoe Ayim
Chapter President
BYU-MS Ghana Chapter
BYU Management Society Annual Leadership Conference
October 4, 2013
Provo, Utah
Definition of a calendar
Importance of planning a chapter calendar
Features of a planned chapter calendar
How to plan a chapter calendar
The Ghanaian Experience
Use chapter website
What Is a Calendar?
A timetable of daily, weekly, monthly,
yearly activities
Why Must We Plan a Chapter Calendar ?
“If you fail to plan , you plan to fail”
• To ensure that the activities for the year are carried out as
• To anticipate unforeseen problems that may occur in the
• To ensure maximum participation of stakeholders and
target group
• To ensure the moral and ethical needs of the target group
is met
How to Plan an Effective Calendar
• Identify the needs of the people
• State your objectives for the year
• Plan your topics
• Look for resource persons
• Give assignments to chapter leaders
• Post event on chapter’s website
The Ghanaian Experience
Talk About
Career Fair
The Collaboration for the Summit
Career Clinics
Career Seminar–with BYU Alumni–an
MPA graduate
• LECTURE Series–an Evening with the
Deputy Director of Inspection Unit , Bank
of Ghana
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