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Marketing plan Components:
Target Market and Ideal Client Identification: Given how short attention
spans of consumers are today, it’s critical that you capture the attention of your ideal
client quickly. If you don’t identify your target market and ideal client, how will you
Define Your Niche: No business can satisfy every need of every individual. Clearly
identify your niche and use that to guide your marketing strategy.
Messaging: You only have mere fractions of a second to get their attention, so be
clear about your message and ensure you integrate that same it into all of your
marketing activities. Ask yourself what message do I want my clients to walk away
with after this interaction?
How and Where: Will you utilize ads in print or broadcast media? Do you need
brochures, flyers or product sheets? Will you use direct marketing tactics such as
visiting your potential clients or networking events? What kind of expertise do you
have that you want to share, can you write a white paper or article for a newsletter?
Different customer segments consume their marketing material in different ways;
ensure you know this information about your customers in order to best deliver your
Online Components:
Content Strategy: Focus your posts and topics to ensure all of your marketing
activity is focused on meeting your business goals. Don’t post website or social media
content that doesn’t contribute to achieving your goals.
Calendar & Timing: Avoid the age old problem of writers block, use a content
calendar. This helps you avoid the problem of not knowing what to write about,
because you’ll have already prepared topics in advance. Don’t forget to consider
seasonality of topics and time of day that your clients are online and viewing your
Search Engine Optimization: The search engines algorithms are so sophisticated
that we can’t trick them anymore. Implementing best practices for small business
SEO should be a part of your website design and included in your marketing plan.