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Country presentation
• commercial material that shows a country in a positive
manner in order to attract interest.
• it usually respects some standards like:
geography, history, social life, culture and touristic sites.
-Part one-
The Country of the Souls
an attempt to express the inexpressible
/mæp/ n
representation on paper of a country
(Oxford dictionary)
• coverage for reality
Stranger, don’t look for my country on
maps or in books. You will not find it.
Forget maps. Let your eyes guide you
The gates will open for you to enter our reality .
We will dress up for your arrival
Welcome you with bread and salt
And with painted eggs
Play songs to free your spirit
Dance with you in the middle
And celebrate your coming
If you don’t like the merry gatherings
– and you seek peace –
O! tired soul, we will put out our lights and our
harps will grow silent
And we may hear the whispers of the gods
And the breathing of the spirits
La sagesse de la terre
The kiss of the ancients
The talks of the missing gods
Traveler, is it time for you to go?
The night is silent and darkness is wrapping the forest
Lights glisten in our balcony – flowers are full of light.
And young eyes are still waiting
Has parting time come already?
We haven’t yet celebrated the whole three days
If we tried to temp you into staying, it was only with our songs
Our eyes alone tried to delay your departure
O, traveler, helpless are we to stop you
We only have – our tears.
This silent shall we remain in the sleepy rustle of the leaves
Whispering prayers for your easy trailing.
Border /’bo:d[r]/ n
• the line dividing two countries or areas
• stereotype, prejudice that separates two cultures
Romania /ro(u)’meini/ n
• country placed in the S-E of Europe
• home
My country has no boundaries to tie it to the ground.
My country is wherever I go.
Because spirits are everywhere