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The degree of hotness or
Coldness of anything
a) Weather
b) Precipitation
c) Temperature
d) Climate
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The dry area on the inland
Side of a coastal mountain
Is known as a.
a) Rain shadow
b) hurricane
c) monsoon
d) Vertical climate
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Any water that falls to the earth
As rain,sleet, hail, or snow is
Known as.
a) climate
b) precipitation
c) temperature
d) weather
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The plants found in an area or
That grow there naturally
a) tundra
b) vegetation
c) canopy
d) deciduous
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The day to day changes in the
Air or atmosphere is called
a) tundra
b) climate
c) canopy
d) weather
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Without wind and water the
Earth would
a) freeze
b) wouldn’t rotate
c) Over heat
d) wouldn’t orbit the sun
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Since temperatures in moderate
climates rarely fall below
freezing the plants in these
a) vary slightly
b) vary widely
c) are grasses only
d) are shrubs only
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The overall weather patterns
Of an area influenced by
a) Vertical climate
b) Rain shadow
c) Horizontal weather
d) canopy
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The weather pattern of an area
Over an extended period of
Time is called its
a) vegetation
b) weather
c) climate
d) precipitation
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Because arid (dry) and semi
Arid climates receive little rain
Plants that grow
a) deep roots
b) Close together
c) broad leaves
d) Far apart
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Both wind and ocean currents
Are created by
a) Rising hot air
b) earth’s rotation
c) Tall mountains
d) earth’s revolution
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