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What is a Region?
Missouri’s Regions
The map shows
Missouri’s regions.
A region is an
area with common
features that set it
apart from other
Osage Plains
Three of Missouri’s regions are
plains regions. Short prairie
grasses cover the Osage Plains
in western Missouri. Buffalo once
grazed on the Osage Plains.
Today, cattle and other livestock
graze here.
Osage Plains
Prairies have fertile soil, which means
that it is good for plants. When
animals graze on prairie grasses, the
plants grow back thicker and stronger
than before. This process keeps the
soil rich and fertile. The prairie also
provides food and homes for other
plants and animals.
Dissected Till Plains
The Dissected Till Plains region
includes the area north of the
Missouri River. The land here
was dissected, or taken apart, by
glaciers thousands of years ago.
The region is sometimes called
the Glaciated Till Plains.
Dissected Till Plains
St. Joseph, Hannibal, Maryville, and
Kirksville are located in this region.
Today, the Dissected Till Plains
region has some of the best farmland
in the country. Farmers grow corn,
soybeans, wheat, and hay in the rich
soil left behind by the glaciers.
Southeastern Lowlands
The Southeastern Lowlands has moist and
fertile land. The region is sometimes
called the Mississippi Lowlands. A
lowland is an area that is lower and flatter
than surrounding areas. The
Southeastern Lowlands is part of an
alluvial plain, an area of sand and mud left
after many floods. This region is wetter
than Missouri’s other two plains regions.
Southeastern Lowlands
Before the 1900’s, the Southeastern
Lowlands were mostly swamps.
Workers drained the area to make it
suitable for farming. Now rice, corn,
soybeans, and wheat grow well there.
Families and farms thrive in and near
cities such as New Madrid, Kennett,
and Sikeston.
Ozark Plateau
The Ozark Plateau is Missouri’s
largest region. A plateau is a large
area of flat land that is higher than
surrounding areas. The Ozark
Plateau extends beyond Missouri into
Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.
This region of Missouri is also called
the Ozark Highlands.
Ozark Plateau
Thick forests cover much of the Ozark
Plateau. Logging is an important
industry for the region. Trees provide
lumber for everything from homes
and furniture to boats and baseball
bats. Loggers plant new trees to
replace the ones they harvest.
• An area with
features that set
it apart from
other areas.
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