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Southern part of
north America
Atlantic ocean
and Apallachian
mountains on
Pacific ocean
and Cordilleria
on west
The Appalachians span over a
distance of 1,600 miles, ranging
across 14 states, right from
Newfoundland in the North, to
Alabama in the South.
The Appalachians are the oldest
chain of mountains in the North
American continent.
This mountain range derives its
name from the Apalachees - an
Indian tribe inhabiting this region.
Mount Mitchell, with a height of
6,684 ft is the tallest mountain in
the Appalachian range.
The Appalachians have rich
deposits of coal, iron, petroleum,
and natural gas.
Volcano National Park is
located on the “Big
Island,” Island of Hawaii.
The national park
features two active
volcanoes known as
Kilauea and Mauna
Loa. Kilauea is often
recognized as the most
active volcano in the
world. Mauna Loa is
considered the most
massive volcano in the
world. Collectively they
are without question the
most active volcanoes in
the world.
Mammoth Cave
National Park is
located in
Kentucky and is
recognized as the
longest cave
system in the world.
There are over 630
km of
throughout the
cave system.
Death Valley National Park is located in
California and is part of the Great Basin of the
United States. Death Valley is home to the
lowest, hottest, and driest spot in the US. The
highest temperature ever recorded in the
world was 56.7 °C in Death Valley, California
on July, 10, 1913.
It is the largest
supervolcano on
the continent. The
features, waterfalls,
ecosystems, and
wildlife combine to
create a
encounter with
Also known as Denali, Mount McKinley
is the tallest mountain in the United States
reaching a peak of 6,194m.
Monument Valley is a region on the border between the states
of Arizona and Utah which contains breathtaking landscape. It is
not an actual valley; Monument Valley is basically flat land but
contains small red sandstone hills that go hundreds of feet into
the air, creating beautiful scenery.
It is the largest subtropical wilderness area in the United
States. Slow moving river and marsh lands are home to
36 different endangered species. Everglades National
Park is located in the southern region of Florida. Wildlife
features more than 40 species of mammals, 50 species
of reptiles, 300 species of fish and 350 species of birds.