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By Owen Foreman
And Garrett Humble
 1.What affects species distribution
 2.Abundance of the species
 3.Density of other species
 4.Water Acidity
 5. Dissolved Oxygen
 6. Food Chain
 7.Disease
 8.Pollutants
 9.Human Activity
 10. Conclusion
 11.Sources
 Some of the things that can affect species distribution
are, the abundance of the species, the density of others
species in the same environment, water acidity,
dissolved oxygen content, food chain, disease,
pollutants, and human activity.
 The abundance of the species can affect the density the
species can live in, for example some species with a
large abundance prefer to live in groups so a large
number can live in a certain area, but others prefer to
live alone so few live in an area.,%20Tahiti%20pictures%20underwater%20photos.php
 The density of other species can affect distribution as
well. For example if a large amount of plankton live in
one area, whales may be more tempted to stay in that
Water acidity can affect species distribution if an area is
too acidic. If the water is too acidic the fish have
trouble breathing and can die.
 Dissolved oxygen affects species distribution because
in an area with low dissolved oxygen the fish can’t
breathe so they die.
 The food chain can affect species distribution as well.
If a predator lives in an area, the other species may be
thinner due to the predators feeding.
 Disease can affect species distribution by killing off the
fish and other aquatic organisms. If one animal gets
sick it can quickly spread to other organisms
 Pollutants can affect species distribution because, high
levels of toxic material will kill fish and other aquatic
organisms, some materials such as oil, will poison the
water making it unable to swim or live in.,%20Tahiti%20pictures%20underwater%20photos.php
 Humans affect species distribution as well, if too many
people fish in a single spot they can completely wipe
out the fish that live there, also movement in the water
can scare some fish away.
 There are many factors that can affect species
distribution, some natural and others manmade. The
ones that are manmade such as pollution and fishing
can easily be controlled, please do your part to keep
them healthy.
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