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4.6 and 4.7
In the absence of force, objects at rest stay at rest
and objects in motion stay in motion
With that known, we can also say that in the
absence of a NET FORCE objects do not change
their state of motion either
What is NET FORCE?
Net Force is the total
amount of all forces
working on an object
If we were to net all of
the forces here we
could have 4 forces
each working
differently in
different directions
More than one force
against each other
If we have more than
one force working
against each other,
we simply subtract
them to come up with
a net force
Just like vectors
Force can be positive
or negative
Use the same
directions we used for
vectors because force
is a vector
It has both a
magnitude and a
Forces can cancel each
other out
Just like velocity
vectors can cancel
each other out so can
force vectors
If we have the same
amount of force going
in opposite directions
our net force is 0
Forces can work together
Forces can also work
together to have a net
gain of force
Figure out the Net Forces
When net forces on an object are 0 Newtons we
can say that the object is in a state of equilibrium
Tension Forces
If you pull on something to make it tight you are
adding tension
Tension is a pulling force on an object like a
string, cable, chain or other similar object