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1.A simple machine is a machine
 2.Also it is a tool that magnifies effort
 3.And it helps and it is easier to lifted for
instance a lever.
 Mechanical device
A rigid bar pivoted about a fulcrum
 A simple machine that gives a
mechanical advantage when given a
 To move or force, especially in a effort to
get something open.
A inclined Plane is a ramp that uses less
effort by traveling a greater distance.
 Plank or other plane surface placed at
an angle to a horizontal surface and
used to heavy weights to a higher level
with little force. It is a simple machine.
Medal cylinder with a ridge twisted
evenly round its length and often a
groove across the head.
Used to separate two objects or portions
of objects through the application of
A wheel and axle is a lever that rotates in
a circle around a center point or
fulcrum. The larger wheel ( or outside)
rotates around the smaller wheel ( axle ).
Is a mechanism composed of a wheel
on an axle or shaft that may have a
groove between two flanges around it’s
A rotating machine part having cut
teeth or cogs which mesh with another
toothed part in order to transmit torque
A concept such as a push or pull that
can cause a object with mass to change
The effort needed to move a certain
Is the factor by which a mechanism
multiplies the force or torque applied to