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Kinematics, Momentum and
BU Photon Outreach
December 14, 2010
Newton’s First Law
An object at rest will
stay at rest and an
object in motion will
stay in motion unless
acted on by an
external force.
Newton’s Second Law
Force = mass x acceleration
When a force is applied to an object, it will
be accelerated.
Newton’s Third Law
Conservation of Energy
For every action, there is an equal and
opposite reaction.
Types: Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Thermal
Potential: energy that a system has STORED
Kinetic: energy you have when you are MOVING
Sources of energy:
Nuclear Fusion
Fossil fuels
Linear Momentum
Is mass times velocity
Conserved unless there is an outside force
A force that causes an object to twist or rotate
Τ = (Applied Force) X (Distance)
Center of Mass
The center of mass is a point that acts as if all the
mass was centered there
Angular Momentum
Rotational momentum
Conserved when there are no external torque
Ex. figure skater
Projectile Motion
The path that an object takes when given an initial
speed and the only force present is gravity
Monkey and Hunter Problem
Will the hunter hit the monkey?