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Motion and Force
• Chapter Twelve: Distance, Time, and Speed
• Chapter Thirteen: Forces
• Chapter Fourteen: Force and Motion
Chapter Twelve: Distance, Time, and
• 12.1 Distance, Direction, and Position
• 12.2 Speed
• 12.3 Graphs of Motion
Investigation 12A
Distance, Time, and Speed
• How do scientists describe motion?
12.2 Speed
Speed is the most common measurement
used to describe the motion of objects.
Once you know an object’s speed, you
can figure out how far it can go in a certain
amount of time.
You can also predict how long it will take
to get somewhere.
12.2 Speed
The speed of a bicycle is the distance it
travels divided by the time it takes.
12.2 Velocity
Speed with direction is called velocity.
12.2 Constant Velocity
A plane with a constant
velocity of 600 km/h
west moves in a straight
line. (Its speed and
direction remain the
A car going around a
bend at a constant 30
mph has a constant
speed, but its velocity is
not constant. (Note the
change in direction.)
12.2 Average Speed
The speed found
by dividing the total
distance by the
total time is the
average speed.
12.2 Relationships between distance,
speed and time
An equation can be used to calculate speed,
distance, or time if two of the three values are
How Fast are You?
• Speed is how fast something
moves in relation to a
reference point without regard
to the direction.
• In this activity you and a
partner will each calculate your
average speed in different