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Salamis (479) to Pericles (445)
How victory over the Persians
ultimately led to an Athenian empire
Persian Wars - Salamis
Salamis was pivotal but by no means the
end of the Persian Wars
Persian Wars - Plataea
Battle of Plataea (479 BC):
Final land battle of the Second Persian War
Took place near the city of Plataea in Boeotia
Great Persian losses
Best example of Greek unity
Persian Wars - Mycale
- Battle of Mycale (479 BC)
- Mount Mycale is on the coast of Ionia, opposite the
island of Samos
- Hoplites decisive
- Ionian allies of the Persians defected
- Remnants of Persian navy destroyed
- Ended defence of mainland Greece, freed some
Ionian cities
Persian Wars – ongoing conflict
- Ongoing conflict with the Persians until 448
- Predominately in Asia Minor (and Aegean)
Delian League
- Athenian leadership
- Established immediately
after the Second Persian
- Those allies who could not
contribute ships of their
own, paid an annual fee
- Treasury on the island of
Athenian Empire
- “I’m making you an offer you can’t refuse”
- Members of the league unable to leave; a
protection racket
- The league used for purposes other than
mutual defence
Thasos (465 BC)
• Dispute with Athens over control of its mining
and trading interests
• Secedes from the league
• Athenians besiege Thasos for two years
• Navy confiscated; walls demolished; mint
closed; mainland possessions annexed
• Tribute-paying subject state
Pericles’ building programme
- Rebuilt the Acropolis which had been left in
ruins after the Second Persian War
- Incredible architecture built with impressive
- Used funds paid to Athens by League states