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Active Transport
In passive transport a cell will always
move from higher concentration to a
lower concentration
Active transport can move particles from
a region of lower concentration to a
region of higher concentration or can
select for certain molecules
Uphill Energy
Active transport requires the cell to use
energy. These transport proteins using cell
energy can move solutes across a membrane
against the concentration gradient. I.e. from
a low to high concentration.
Active Transport within the cell
Movement of larger molecules
Larger molecules can be
moved by a form of
active transport:
Endocytosis is the
engulfing of a material to
move it inside the cell
Exocytosis - materials
are expelled from the cell
or from an organelle, ex
Golgi Body
A large molecule can
enter the cell by
becoming enclosed in
a part of the cell
membrane that folds
in to form a sphere.
The sphere pinches
off resulting in a
vacuole and the
contents go into the
Phagocytosis/ Pinocytosis
We will study
about 2 types of
1. Phagocytosis - is
a type of
endocytosis in
which large
particles move
into the cell
2. Pinocytosis - Fluid
moves into the
In exocytosis,
materials are ejected
from the cell or
Waste can be
excreted by the
Proteins can be
packaged by the
Golgi Complex
This is the End…
Now this is the end
of this lesson. I
want you all to
practice exocytosis
and CRY because
you will miss
Biology class so
much when you go