Download Audacity Using Audio in the Classroom

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Mrs. Sheila Boyd
First Grade Teacher
Everett Area Elementary School
I was asked to share Audacity and how to
use it in your classrooms. I use Audacity in
my classroom on a regular basis. I think it’s a
great teaching tool.
Today, I hope you will learn how to record,
edit, and share sound files.
First, for those unfamiliar with Audacity, it
is an open-source recording program that is
quite powerful.
Record live audio
 Convert tapes and records into digital
recordings or CD’s
 Edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV, or AIFF
sound files
 Cut, copy, splice or mix sounds
 Change the speed or pitch of a
 And more
Audacity: Audacity is a free, easy-to-use
audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac
OS X, GNU/Linux, and other operating
Audacity View
 Podcasting:
Powerful and
Audacity is the perfect tool for
In a Intermediate grade general music class, you
might use Audacity to record multiple tracks for a
video. In this example, students begin by heading
to and use the online
mixer to mix their sounds, using the soundbank
provided. They record this in Audacity, then record
their own voices reading a story they’ve written.
Using the editing tools in Audacity, students then
put the two parts together, and they’ve now
created their own soundtrack to use with their
Animoto video, which they’ve created using their
own pictures. Neat project!
 Social
 Math
 Language
 Foreign Language
 Music
 Science
 Other Uses
Description Clips
Social Studies
Teacher Audio
Students Response
Student Audio
Foreign Language
Procedures for
solving a problem
assignment podcast
Reader’s Theater
Study Notes
Summarizing Main
Narrate an event
from each
character’s point of
Language Arts
Tag for musical
Lab Directions
Note Taking
To provide evidence of
learning, and upload to
Glogster ( an online
poster tool) to share
with a wider audience.
Record Speeches
To enhance any
Record sound for
PowerPoint slides
Written compositions
or class singing to
share with others
Record compositions
Sing songs for
projects about
1. human body
2. insects
3. grammar
Record soundtracks for
Promote reading development:
Record reading books. (Helps
emergent readers)
Create sound stories for images
using free sound effects websites.
You can use a creative commons
Flickr photos as your source of
“sound-rich” images.
 Students
write a story.
 Read it on audacity
 Listen to the story for expression
 Download the story on school web
page for parents and
grandparents to hear.
(Only use the student’s first name
for privacy.)
Use audacity to advertise products the school
produces to support service learning for their
advertising unit.
 Record
kids speaking in one of
their language classes then
upload to Voki to create speaking
Can be done in Intermediate or
High School classes.
Class or School Announcements
Display of Student Work
Help Sessions for absent students
New Student Orientation
( Walking Podcast)
New Parent Orientation
Limited only to your imagination
Thank you
so much for
attending my
Mrs. Sheila Boyd
First Grade
Everett Area Elementary
[email protected]