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Aurix is a leader in speech technology solutions, enabling
organisations to identify words and phrases buried in their audio
data and transform them into valuable intelligence.
At Aurix, phonetics is at the heart of what we do. We are dedicated
to extending the capabilities of speech analytics and data mining.
We work with our partners and customers to create innovative
business applications based around our patented, phonetic, audio
search engine. Our experience and expertise spans the Customer
Contact, Data Search & Media, Security & Intelligence and IT Security
industries. Our solutions deliver gains in operational efficiency, provide
a competitive advantage and ensure peace of mind.
The Aurix phonetic audio search engine is a direct descendant of a
world-class capability in speech recognition originally developed for
the Ministry of Defence, that has been refined and developed over a
30 year period. It represents a break-through in speech analytics by
supporting the real-time identification, searching and data mining of
huge volumes of audio and audio-visual material, without the need
for massive computer power.
Customer Contact
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Compared to traditional systems for audio data mining Aurix offers
the capability to ‘ingest’ audio data at up to speeds 80 times faster
than real-time and can monitor multiple live audio streams for key
phrases in real-time. Searches can be conducted at speeds up to
80,000 times faster than real-time. This means searching for standard
phrases, non-dictionary terms such as proper names, slang and
jargon, including company, product, people and place names,
across large volumes of audio is possible in incredibly fast
execution times.
Aurix is a technology venture funded company backed by QinetiQ,
the defence and security company, and Coller Capital, a leading
global investor in corporate venture assets.
To discuss how to release the value from your audio data sources,
please feel free to contact us at: [email protected] or alternatively
call us directly on: +44 (0)1684 585101.
Security & Intelligence IT Security
Aurix Limited
Malvern Hills Science Park
Geraldine Road, Malvern,
Worcestershire WR14 3SZ UK
Data Search
e. [email protected]
t. +44 (0)1684 585101
f. +44 (0)1684 585151
Why Aurix?