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Like all farmers, the farmers in
Ancient Mesopotamia grew
crops. Some of the main crops
they grew were barley and
wheat. They also grew onions,
grapes, turnips, apples, and
their favorite vegetable to grow;
Farmers use up a lot of energy farming, therefore, sometimes
they get the animals to help out by stomping the ground to get the
seeds in the ground. They also used slaves to help them finish
they’re work quicker. They used aqueducts to carry water across
a river.
Farming in Ancient Mesopotamia could not be done
without irrigation. The used wooden plows pulled by oxen,
until 2800 years before civilization, when they discovered
they could make tools out of bronze and flint. The flint tools
were used to cut wheat and throw seeds into the soil.
Farmers brought animals over the field to trample the
seeds into the soil.
The average house in Ancient
Mesopotamia is made out of mud
bricks, and mud plaster and had a
wooden door.
Ziggurats, otherwise known as
pyramids were made of mud bricks,
gold and bronze. They also made
temples to honor Gods.
They made dams to hold water
and aqueducts to carry water
across a depression or river.