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History of the Ancient and
Medieval World
Ancient Middle East:
Walsingham Academy
Mrs. McArthur
Room 111
Reading to Learn: Start with the Main Idea(s)
What is its Nickname?
Student Dormitory: Christ’s
College, Cambridge
This image comes to us from a document called
the Sumerian King List, which lists all the kings
and their reigns from that society’s first king. Its
opening words are:
“Kingship came down from heaven.”
What do we call this form of
Name the King
• Defeated the Sumerian King of Uruk in 23rd
century B.C.E. and dragged him off in a dog
collar (to bring him to heel you might say!)
• Said his parents were divine and that he was led
by the gods towards greatness.
• Brought together and ruled first true empire.
Cuneiform writing was:
A. Rediscovered by Persian scholars during
the reign of Darius.
B. Replaced by the Akkadian alphabet.
C. Deciphered by a English officer who
knew Persian.
D. Difficult to learn and its materials hard to
E. B, C and D are correct.
Test Yourself
1. The Fertile Crescent is the arc of land that:
a. Lies between the Tigris and Euphrates
b. Curves from the Persian Gulf to the eastern
Mediterranean coast.
c. Lies along the banks of the Nile
d. Reaches down to the African kingdom of Nubia.
2. Sumer was made up of:
a. Provinces.
b. Independent city-states.
c. Hieroglyphics
d. Ziggurats and Cuneiforms.
Test Yourself
1. What was the significance of the Code of Hammurabi?
a. It was the first set of laws all written by one person.
b. It was the first major collection of laws in history.
c. It was the first system of laws that allowed for
unrestricted person vengeance.
d. It was the first set of laws to deal exclusively with
criminal behavior.
2. The Epic of Gilgamesh is important because:
a. It introduces the creation story.
b. It is the first work whose author is known to us.
c. It gives us a glimpse of Sumerians’ attitude towards
d. B and C are correct
e. All of the above are correct.