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Mesopotamia wikipedia , lookup

The arc of rich arch of soil between the Mediterranean sea and the
Persian Gulf
Fertile Crescent
Made Farming in ancient Mesopotamia possible
Irrigation and drainage ditches
Independent city state in Sumeria
Collection of laws devised in ancient Babylon
Code of Hammurabi
Sumerian Writing System
Term for a large political unit or state usually under a single leader
controlling many peoples and territories
The Mesopotamian religion which identified nearly three thousand
gods and goddesses
Around 2340BC the Sumerian city - states were conquered by the
akkadians under their leader
The Sumerians invented
Wagon wheel, Math System Based on units of 60, Sundial
Most famous piece of Mesopotamian literature
Epic of Gilgamesh
A family of rulers right to rule is passed on within the family
Egyptian monarch's title, originally meaning "great house"
Complex system of writing meaning sacred writings that is made up of
pictures and forms
Boy Pharaoh who restored worship of the old gods in the new kingdom
Pharaoh who introduced the worship of a single god, Aton, god of the
sun disk
Amenhotep IV or Akenaton
Egyptian history is divided into three major periods known as
Old - Middle and New Kingdoms
Egyptian civilization was influenced most closely by
The Nile River
Egyptians developed an accurate 365 - day calendar by basing their
year on
On the movements of the moon and the star Sirius
Osiris is an important figure in Egyptian religion who symbolizes
Upper and lower Egypt were united into a single kingdom around 3100
BC by
Migrating groups who domesticated animals for food and clothing
Pastoral Nomads
Traders who lived in a narrow strip of land along the Mediterranean
Religious teachers whose words became a source of ideals for social
Belief in one god
Ruler who built the temple in Jerusalem
King Solomon
Small kingdoms and city-states in western Asia emerged
When Hittite kingdom ended and Egypt weakened
The people known as Israelites were
Distinct group organized in tribes who established a united kingdom
The Hittite empire was destroyed by
the sea peoples
According to Jewish beliefs, there is only one God called
The Jews believed that God made a contract with them called a
Persian Provinces
Persian Route from Lydia to Susa
the royal road
Governor of a Persian province
Persian Religion
King who extended the Persian Empire to India
The king of the Chaldeans who rebuilt Babylon was
The Immortals were professional cavalry and infantry forces
Numbered at least 10,000 soldiers
The Persian empire was eventually weakened by
Struggles to control the throne
Cyrus was called great because he
Showed wisdom and compassion