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May 21
LT: Understand comet make-up, properties,
Vocab.: 1. comet nucleus 2. Halley’s comet 3.
“dirty snowball”
Comet Notes
Professor Lutz is exploring the physical characteristics
of planetary nebulae, their central stars and how
planetary nebulae fit into the patterns of stellar
evolution. She also analyzes the spectra of symbiotic
stars (binaries containing an evolved hot star and a cool
star) to determine their chemical compositions,
velocities and variability.
1. What is the coma of a comet?
2. How often does Halley’s comet appear?
3. What do you see when a comet approaches
the sun
4. What is different about comets orbits?
5. Why is it important that comets may
contain amino acids?
What is sublimation?
What is the coma?
What is the ion vs. dust tail?
What is the nucleus?
What is the hydrogen envelope?