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Meade 8” LX 90 Telescope
The Objective is the main light-gathering
apparatus of the telescope. Our telescope
has an 8” diameter mirror for its objective.
Equatorial Wedge. This wedge aligns the
base of the telescope to the celestial equator
in the sky.
Equatorial Mount. The arms of the fork mount
point to the North Celestial Pole (North Star).
An equatorial
mount is
a mount for
instruments that
follows the rotation
of the sky
(celestial sphere)
by having one
rotational axis
parallel to the
Earth's axis of
Eyepiece only
Eyepiece with Diagonal
Setting up a Telescope
1) Do not plug in the telescope
2) Sight and focus telescope on distant object (Moon or top of Mt.
3) Attach Finderscope
4) Collimate Finderscope (align it with Primary scope)
5) Put telescope in the Polar Home position (pointing at Polaris)
6) Tighten both clamps and do not loosen them until breakdown
7) Plug in the telescope
8) Use electronic setup (easy alignment)
9) Only use paddle control to slew the telescope to center the 2 stars
Slewing speed is controlled from the numeric keypad (9 is the fastest, 1
is the slowest)