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S4E1 Students will compare and contrast
the physical attributes of stars, star
patterns, and planets.
d. Identify how technology is used to
observe distant objects in the sky.
Created for TCSS
• For thousands of years, people
have been observing the Sun, the
Moon, and other objects in the sky.
• Scientists did not learn how these
objects move until a few hundred
years ago.
• Why do you think they took so long?
• A telescope is a tool that makes distant
objects appear larger, brighter, and
• Telescopes help scientists study stars,
the Moon, and the planets.
• Scientists have used telescopes to
discover that stars have regular patterns
and planets move among the stars.
A radio telescope collects radio waves
instead of light.
Computers use the radio waves to make
pictures of space.
An optical
magnifies, makes
an object appear
larger, by
collecting light.
Hubble Space Telescope
Hubble Space Telescope
The Hubble Space Telescope is different
because it is located in space. It was
launched into space in 1990.
It is about the size of a school bus and
moves around the Earth every 97
It takes picture of space from beyond
Earth's atmosphere.
A probe is a spacecraft that travels
through space to collect science
information. They do not have astronauts.
Probes send data back to Earth for
scientists to study.
Some space probes fly out of our solar
system and never come back. Other space
probes, like the Hubble Space Telescope,
stay in orbit around the same planet their
whole life.
How is technology used to view
distant objects in space?
Name 3 different types of
technology that can be used to
study objects in space and explain
how they are used.